Blooming dreams

Blooming Dreams come true
Are you dreaming of beautiful plants that make your home cosy and colourful? Plants that can be put outside when the weather is nice and cheer up your garden, patio or balcony? Those dreams can come true. If the assortment of your garden centre or florist includes Blooming Dreams, you can choose from absolute top quality plants that will make you smile every day. Blooming Dreams includes plants like Stephanotis [also known as ‘Madagascar jasmine’], Easter broom, Winter jasmine, Hibiscus and Ceanothus. On this site you can read more about these. Have fun!



Blooming Dreams inspires.
Blooming Dreams plants are of top quality and are available in an especially designed sleeve.....



Outdoor plants

As soon as there is no more night frosts (or not yet), you can also put any plants with the Blooming Dreams.....  



Did you know that?

Do you have any interesting facts or ideas about the Blooming Dreams plants, then please let us know. Perhaps you have used the plants in a plant box or.....